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Sunweavers Center for Whole Life Education Our home-base for workshops, seminars, and non-profit work.
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New-Wisdom Presents an understanding of many of the esoteric teachings of ancient cultures and civilizations. 
ScienceWorks: A Guide to Science Instruction...with a difference!
Examining Science Content, Concepts, Attitudes & Skills Science Activities and Teacher’s Guide Book (Link coming soon!)
Spiral Journey Cards© An original deck of cards for co-creation in Relationship. They help us to examine ourselves in all aspects of relationships in our lives. Choose a "Carte du Jour" reading (a one card tarot - style/ psychic reading.) (Link coming soon!)
The Metaphysical Library The Metaphysical Library is a project of Sunweavers, Inc.  It houses a collection of over 5000 books. (Link coming soon!)
Non-Profit Work 
The Elizabeth Smily Gallery of Fine Art Another project of Sunweavers, Inc. is the management of the Elizabeth Smily Gallery.
Personal Growth 
Hemi-Sync Products and Programs Sound technology for relaxation, harnessing brain potential, and exploring consciousness.
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Sunweavers Inc.
Sunweavers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.